India’s love affair with gold

See on – gemmologie « No gold, no wedding, » is a saying in India, indicating the importance of gold to Indian culture and tradition. See on

Les vols de bijoux explosent mais peu sont remboursés

See on – gemmologie Saviez-vous qu’il fallait désormais une couverture spéciale pour vos objets de valeur, en sus de la RC ménage? Selon les responsables du site de conseils Billiga, «peu de gens sont au courant qu’une simple photo ne suffit plus». See on

L’or, valeur refuge depuis l’Antiquité

See on – gemmologie Avec la crise de ces dernières années, le cours du métal jaune s’est envolé car il rassure les investisseurs. See on

Real-time Earthquake Map

See on – gemmologie USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards…   This map represents the 1079 earthquakes with magnitudes higher than 2.5 that have occured in the last 30 days.  You can customize the map to display different data at...

Tensions sur le marché du platine – Métaux précieux

See on – gemmologie Métaux précieux –   Les mineurs en grève dans la mine de Marikana, en Afrique du Sud, les opérateurs de machines à forer, sont un groupe… See on

The beauty of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry made of Gold

See on – gemmologie The advent of the Egyptian Dynasty witnessed wide use of gold in daily operations. The craftsmen employed the use of gold in almost every category that ranged from using it on wood or metals to crafting furniture out of the same material. Availability of...

Ancient jewelry found in 3000-year-old vessel | A Blog About History …

See on – e-books kindle Ancient jewelry found in 3000-year-old vessel. by Sevaan Franks on May 23, 2012. Archaeologists working at Tel Megiddo in northern Israel have unearthed a vessel containing a collection of gold and silver jewelry. See on

The Big Lie About Diamond Engagement Rings

See on – gemmologie Considering my deep personal involvement in the diamond business, my opinion might surprise you — diamonds are a terrible waste of your money. See on

Jewelry Television Offers Exotic Gemstones During Three Day Event

See on – TAFT: Trends And Fashion Timeline Three-day sale will feature best-selling and rare, collectible gemstones (PRWeb July 19, 2012) Read the full story at Lifestyle: Fashion Following a recent story regarding a good samaritan’s efforts… See on